When your university or college systems and support are perceived as unintentionally excessively confusing or don’t appear to work for you

Sometimes you may find that in the rare circumstance (and we stress this is a very rare occurrence at our fantastic South Coast universities and language colleges) that you encounter a crisis, unlooked for emergency, or your university or college initiates actions that you find unjust or poorly explained, you may need to seek external support.

You should check first if there is a student union society for your ethnic minority community and/or nationality, and if there is a related social media group. 

You should also try and find out if there are any particular respected academic/teaching staff members from your community or nationality. 

Do consider speaking with your principal teacher regarding any needs where you have found you are not receiving appropriate (or any) clear and effective support and advice. Having support need problems that are not being met impacts on academic performance, so you should draw these to your main academic point of contact. This could be a course leader or a supervisor.

Importantly, if your health is suffering because of your experiences and you feel you are not being listened to with seriousness and in a spirit of transparency and fairness, you can also refer the problem to the One Community Hampshire and Dorset (OCHD) and UK Nepal Friendship Society (UKNFS) – info@ochd.org.uk and uknfs.contact@gmail.com  — as both, working together, have an established record of supporting international students that on compelling evidence basis only, feel they have not been listened to on complaints they have made regarding clearly bad, traumatic experiences where their university or college is concerned.  

UKNFS and OCHD interventions are have also been respected and appreciated by international students service and support providers as both are problem-solving, pragmatic, mutually international student and international students service providing organisations supportive (as testified to in the supportive dedications section of this information resource: https://uknfs.org/support-dedications-from-international-students-and-organisations-providing-international-students-services-or-support-signposting-services/).