UKNFS support to Blackpool school Nepali pupil & family

The UKNFS is very pleased to share that the other day we were kindly contacted by Ms Jane Mather at the Holy Family Blackpool School. This regarding a very new pupil of the school, who is Nepali and required major different forms of support around settling in and interpretation and translation, aggravated by current Covid 19 impacts related assistance.

We stepped in when approached by the Jane/the school to assist the pupil and his family, making a major truly turn around difference, including to the Nepali pupil’s family. The UKNFS particularly wishes to thank Mr Hiradhan Rai, and Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai for their timely and greatly appreciated support.

Thank you so much for supporting us with our conversation with *****’s father this morning.  We are now going to support them as much as we possibly can.  I am delivering some food vouchers and some cash for their energy meter today.  I have attached the referral form I discussed with Hiradhan, if dad can complete this (or you can do it on their behalf) and send it in to the email address provided I am hoping they will receive some support with heating costs.  I would suggest you send a short covering letter [in support].’ Jane

This is exactly the type of Community support at the heart of the UKNFS purpose. It is for us a great privilege to provide such support, and to assist a ‘best practice’ caring support ethos driven school such as Holy Family Blackpool School. On behalf of the UKNFS I wish to thank Ms Jane Mather for reaching out to us to assist on a very important matter for a new, young, member and family of our UK Nepali community, to the school, and to UKNFS Chief Advisor, Mr Hiradhan Rai, and NRNA UK Vice President and UKNFS Brand Ambassador, Mrs Rojina Pradhan for making a difference to these Community members. Alan Mercel-Sanca. UKNFS CEO.