UKNFS sadness at news of passing of H.E. Richard Morris, immediate past Ambassador of the UK to Nepal

The UKNFS learned with great sadness this evening (31st August 2020) of the passing of H.E. Richard Morris, the immediate past Ambassador of the UK to Nepal, and who was due to take his next post in Fiji: and

Alan Mercel-Sanca, UKNFS CEO recalls with great warmth a breakfast meeting at the Embassy of Nepal (Kensington Gardens, London), initiated by H.E. Dr Durga Bahadur Subedi, Ambassador of Nepal to the UK, that he and H.E. Richard Morris attended a little over two years ago.

Alan on behalf of the UKNFS Team also records the helpful formal dedication in his capacity as HM Ambassador of the UK to Nepal that Mr Morris made two and a half years ago to a major Nepal culture information resource that the UKNFS and directly, Alan, developed after the UKNFS enablement of the key work on the UK side for the Nepal Art Council, Britain – Nepal Bicentenary Art Exhibition): the resource referred to is the key link to the subsequent much greater Heritage Lottery Fund supported UKNFS facilitated UK Nepali Community Cultural & Social Heritage project, that will launch late October/November. When this takes place the UKNFS will be honoured to provide the dedication provided by Mr Morris referred to regarding the precursor resource: a postumous tribute to his great love for Nepal and its culture.

Our thoughts and most deep condolences are with Mr Morris family and loved ones.