UKNFS fully support NRNA UK for Nepali students marooned in the UK because of Covid 19 issues

The UKNFS is very pleased to announce that we are working with NRNA UK Vice Presidents Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai (UKNFS Brand Ambassador) and Mr Sunil Babu Khadka as outcome of a request made to the UKNFS CEO Alan Mercel-Sanca by Mr Pritheepal Singh, a very senior member & representative of the Indian community of Hampshire and Dorset (where he also represents the High Commission of India) on the Covid 19 crisis related plight of 300+ Indian students left unsupported by three South Coast universities.

Solidarity initiative between Indian and Nepali on students support issues: Mr Pritheepal Singh is making a representation to the UK Universities Council for emergency financial support for those students, and the UKNFS also seeking in solidarity to help our Nepali student community to find out if our students are in a similar unsupported bad position, so that they can be included on this much needed collaborative initiative between the two nations citizens, giving added weight to the representation to the UK Government by Mr Singh which the UKNFS and NRNA UK are supporting.

The NRNA UK through Rojina Pradhan Rai and Sunil Babu Khadka are the points of contact (NRNA UK Helpline) for those of our Nepali students in difficulty and not being supported. These can be from any UK university (not only the three mentioned above) as the outreach initiative by NRNA UK with UKNFS support is a national one.

If you are a Nepali student in difficulty and not having support provided for emergency needs by your university, please contact Rojina Pradhan Rai on 07445 959453 or Sunil Babu Khadka on 07786 913489 to give your details and about your circumstances. You can also email Alan Mercel-Sanca, CEO of the UKNFS with particulars of your circumstances: