On and off campus or college religious faith and belief groups

Your students’ union (or for colleges, students support officer) will have information on these, particularly though those who will be able to connect you or introduce you to faith and religion groups will be official student union societies for these faiths or religions and can include non-religious beliefs organisations such as humanists (as just because an international students home country may have a culture of many or most of its population historically following a particular religion or religions or belief system, it does not automatically mean anyone from that culture will follow the latter).

Your university or college will also normally have a dedicated space for religious worship for all global religious faiths (and sometimes a ‘multi faith chaplaincy’ that representatives of the main world religions belong to).  You will also be able to connect with local communities following the same religious faith as yourself, and attend their places of worship such as mosques, churches, synagogues, temples. Fellow overseas nationals from your country or culture, including students and academic staff may also be able to signpost you to these.

The Dorset Race Equality Council (DREC) community groups & organisations Directory can be a valuable place to start for off-campus, places of religious worship — http://www.dorsetrec.org.uk/community-directory/ — whilst for humanists the following link will be helpful: https://dorset.humanist.org.uk/wp/