NRNA UK Vice President and UKNFS Brand Ambassador Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai stands for NRNA UK President position

The UKNFS is thrilled to announce that our Brand Ambassador, NRNA UK Vice President, Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai is standing for the position of NRNA UK President’s election 2021 to 2023. The incredible NRNA UK Vice President Rojina Pradhan Rai has achieved so much over the past two years.

The UKNFS strongly endorses Mrs Pradhan Rai’s candidacy for this very important role; not only because Rojina has been providing effective and timely support to the important work of the UKNFS for the welfare and support of all sections of our UK Nepali and Gurkha community as our Brand Ambassador, and because we have been following her diligent and proactive very important work for all UK Nepalis in her period of holding NRNA UK Vice President, position, but for two particular initiatives.

The first of these was co-leading a major national level UK Nepali international students support campaign in regard to issues Nepali and other international students had been experiencing at a number of UK universities due to Covid 19 impacts that had revealed often major process and communications failings, causing major distress to the students and their families. Link:

The UKNFS having been directly involved in supporting and taking to high level awareness on this issue: Secondly, much ore recently, we have witnessed how dynamic Mrs Pradhan Rai has been on maximising participation of all sections of our UK Nepali community in regard to Census questions completion.

We salute Mrs Rojina Pradhan Rai’s work and commend her most fully for the post of NRNA UK President!