Kathmandu Post article on Kent anti-Nepali-Gurkha racism situation and its UK context scale and seriousness

We are pleased to share this major news article by the Kathmandu Post on the Kent racism situation. This searing article by Ms Elisha Shrestha and Mr Nabin Pokharel provides damning evidence that the anti-Asian, anti-Gurkha phenomenon extends sadly at a national level: https://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/04/24/nepalis-in-london-on-the-receiving-end-of-xenophobia-amidst-covid-19-fears

The action taken by the UKNFS and a quote on this are included in the article:

‘ … Alan Mercel-Sanca, chief executive officer of the UK-Nepal Friendship Society, said that the arson attacks were “symptomatic of a much broader engrained problem of anti-Asian racism”. In an email that was sent to community leaders and council members, Mercel-Sanca urged the authorities to monitor and act to prevent racially motivated crimes against British Gorkhas.

Most importantly, also the sombering reflections of Embassy of Nepal on the problem, feature (below), which show the solidarity for our community, and indeed broader UK Asian community on such a serious situation.

‘ … Even officials at the Nepali Embassy in London believe that the attacks were a result of racial stereotyping. “We believe that the Maidstone incidents were racially motivated,” said Sarad Raj Aran, deputy chief of mission at the Nepali embassy. “We are concerned that if such crimes keep happening, racist acts against Nepalis may continue, even after the pandemic is over.’

It is hoped that our elected politicians in particular will be absorbing the significance of the news article and reactions to its content, to ensure they work together to ensure multiagency action is taken of new and credible kinds, with a comprehensive review of why this been allowed to happen, and how new, meaningful solutions — with educational mechanisms at their heart — can transform the current situation, which is as harmful to Britain’s international relations as it is to the multicultural and inclusive fabric of our nation itself.