How to use the information resource:

The resource is structured on a thematic topics’ basis, with a main subject, and where relevant related subjects covered too, and including some issues that you may sometimes encounter, and for these different solutions and types and sources of supportive guidance.

Your university or college will have provided a booklet or information resource on most, but perhaps not all of the topics covered, but our information resource/booklet is specifically focused on international students’ needs regarding these topics and is based on lived experiences of international students in the Bournemouth Christchurch Poole and Dorset area.  As such, the booklet’s approach has as its main purpose presenting perspectives of overseas nationals whose main language is not English. In this it differs from student guides per se.

Each subject covered includes general need-to-know information and overviews of the subject, as well as lived experience points/topics of particular relevance for international students, and includes signposting and support information on these.