Air Ambulance initiative

The UKNFS is supporting work to initiate an ‘’ Nepal Air Ambulance Initiative Project (NAAIP) ‘’ in Nepal. On the occasion of the 200 years of historic relationship between Nepal and the United Kingdom, we are working to secure the start of air ambulance services in Nepal, and looking for technical, publicity/marketing and financial co-operation to develop the project, make it effective, strong and sustainable to better serve the many across Nepal who need such a service so urgently.

The catastrophic earthquake of 25th April and a further earthquale on the 12th May, highlighted just how urgently a Nepal Air Ambulance service is needed, and we are lobbying on this in Nepal and in the UK.  As a precursor to this major longterm initiative the UKNFS is actively involved in partnerships with UK-based groups of paramedics (such as the Dar Reece Foundation) that wish to teach and share their expertise in Nepal with emergency healthcare and life-saving organisations.

Initiative Description:

— To provide emergency rescue and evacuation services to the persons in critical medical conditions
— To save the lives of patients by providing emergency transportation service
— To promote tourism by ensuring safety of the tourists during disasters

Our mission:

It is our mission to aid the relief of sickness and injury, and the protection of human life, by the provision of an air ambulance service across Nepal.

Our Vision:

It is our vision to provide a 24-hour air ambulance operation, and continually strive for an outstanding air ambulance service available to everyone in Nepal.

How can we make a difference?

A patient’s chances of survival and early recovery are increased if they receive the right care within the first hour, otherwise known as the Golden Hour. The fast response times and the expert medical care will be provided by the Nepal Air Ambulance crews’ gets patients to the care they need in the quickest possible time. Also we will transfer patients from Hospital to Hospital in life threatening cases.