Traversing the central part of the south-facing section of the Himalyas and including Mount Everest, Nepal is a land-locked country that in terms of Asian cultural history has a unique importance in being the birthplace of the Lord Buddha and epicentre of a richness of multicultural dimensions that are incontestably unrivaled. To raise greater awareness in the West, and especially the UK that has had an almost 200 years long special relationship with the peoples of Nepal (such as through the world renowned role of the Gurkha soldiers in the British Army, the Sherpa people and Himalayan mountaineering, and via Buddhism) is one of the main reasons for the creation of the UK-Nepal Friendship Society [UKNFS].

However, the society also seeks to unite the Nepalese community in the UK with British friends of Nepal and Nepalese culture in other important ways and areas. We seek to promote Nepalese culture as a distinct and important part of multicultural Britain’s 21st century identity, preserving that diverse and rich culture amongst UK Nepalese residents so that they can also share its world renowned cultural treasures with the broader UK general public. We hope that viewers of our website will be encouraged to share our passion for the vision and aims that have enabled the founders of the UKNFS (comprised of non-Nepalese British, and UK Nepalese peoples) to unite in pursuit of a shared ‘One World Vision’ in a number of ways through support for or involvement in our ground-breaking projects.

How we work: UKNFS projects

The UKNFS is a projects-driven [rather than membership-orientated] organisation. It is through these a catalyst and, to a certain extent, a lobbying, as well as solutions-driven, organisation. We seek to support All strands – mainstream, and Nepali ethnic minorities, women, and other minorities that suffer any form of marginalisation or discrimination — of the UK Nepali community, and in addition through our projects that have a direct dimension in Nepal to support the same equality and inclusion values for all sections of Nepal’s society and nation.

Areas we work in: These include — but are not limited to – quality of life enhancing information resources creation, support for international academic & other partnerships, education, multicultural learning and the arts, medical/health and well-being, and from early 2018, employment generation and specific business & trade sectors supportive Anglo-Nepali business consortia, all members of which are committed to supporting social inclusion and advancement values and their practical level, real-life contexts realisation/implementation, through the UKNFS.

Our projects and programmes are formed and facilitated by specialist teams in conjunction with support from or direct participation by a diverse range of groups and organisations (from UK college and university students, to the Embassy of Nepal, Nepali institutes and art centres, the NHS and local area UK Nepali community groups): and to Nepali and UK and other international citizens, with direct or general interest in our work.

Membership: We are not a membership-driven organisation, but separate to the Board, project team officers and advisors are UKNFS members, and the general public (Nepali or non-Nepali) are welcome to become members to show support for our work. We also have a special honorary Life Members opportunity, for those who show in different ways exceptional support for different aspects of our projects work, and broader vision and values.

 Background to the UKNFS:

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